Resources, hotlines and updates on the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

We have created an overview of relevant tools, hotlines and resources for our members at DISIE. The overview is ongoing and will be updated during the COVID-19 outbreak in Denmark.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you would like to hear more about possibilities and membership of DISIE.

Hotlines & resources

Latest news from the Danish Authorities in your language

Mino Denmark has created a COVID-19 page where you can find latest news from the Danish Authorities translated to many languages. Find it here:


The Danish Business Authority has, in close cooperation with municipalities, authorities, companies, as well as the projects and programs that are in the business promotion system, developed Virksomhedsguiden for entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies.
Virksomhedsguiden includes government information for companies on COVID-19. The guide is in Danish and can be found here:


As part of DISIE you have access to counselling from @KOOPERATIONEN – the Danish Cooperative Employers’ Organisation with a network of 117 member companies and 14.000 employees. Kooperationen keeps track of corona-afflicted helppackages, guidelines etc. for companies and organisationes and you can sign up for their newsletter as well. Read more here:

Danish Chamber of Commerce

Danish Chamber of Commerce offers a hotline (members only), webinars and resources during COVID-19. You can read more here:

Ministry of social affairs and the interior

Ministry of social affairs and the interior has latest news and resources for organizations, companies and people working with social affairs and the interior. You can read more here:

Overview of relief packages

SMV Denmark has made an overview of the governmental relief packages, which can be found here:ælpepakker-links-og-nyheder/overblik-hjælpepakker-fra-regeringen


The ambition of CoronaTech is to bring concrete solutions to the Covid19 crisis on the table quickly. innovation, the right people and already existing technological opportunities. Join CoronaTech for tech-getherness here:

IT-support during COVID-19

(e.g. help with setting up a home office, it-solutions, hotlines)

The Danish ICT Industry Association

The Danish ICT Industry Association has collected all digital relief packages from the government and companies in Denmark. The list is ongoing and can be found here:


Free IT-support during COVID-19 has created a hotline for free IT-support during COVID-19.

Read more here: has a great newsletter with latest news for co-working communities, how to work from home etc. Read more here:


For organizations with volunteers

Center for Frivilligt Socialt Arbejde

Danish Institute for Voluntary Effort (Center for Frivilligt Socialt Arbejde) offers a hotline, webinars and resources for organizations working with volunteers. You can read more here:


Foundations: Call for action during COVID-19

Action against corona

The goal is to give visibility to and accelerate great solutions and companies that are making positive changes by alleviating and solving the situation. This includes all types of solutions that improve the situation for everyone, from risk groups and affected businesses to society as a whole.

If you are a startup, have a project or lead an initiative with a solution that can improve the situation for victims, the health care system and the many people whose lives are, or will be, affected by coronavirus, you can: be part of the solution, apply for funding, get connected

Read more here:

The Poul Due Foundation

In celebration of Grundfos’ 75th anniversary, the Poul Due Jensen Foundation (Grundfos Foundation) has expanded its budget for donations from planned 125m DKK to 200m DKK. The main donation areas remain water, research, and inclusion, but the Foundation will move its attention to the fight against COVID-19 this year. Read more here:

Tuborg Fondet

The Tuborg Foundation’s urgent pool can be sought by any youth organization that engages in activities that young people either create themselves or engage in, and help people who, for example, is particularly affected by the fact that we must limit physical contact with each other. Read more here:

The Novo Nordisk Foundation

The Novo Nordisk Foundation has therefore allocated DKK 50 million to support projects with a national focus, which can help reduce the health effects of the coronavirus epidemic in Denmark. Applications may be submitted for scientific, information and outreach and social initiatives. Read more here:

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