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DISIE supports sustainable entrepreneurs in the early stages of their journey to help better the world.

We do this through our three main pillars:

1. The impact entrepreneurs network

DISIE is a hub for entrepreneurs working with the Sustainable Development Goals. This ensures a strong network of entrepreneurs working towards the same goal. We nurture this network through gatherings at the office spaces and larger events facilitating new partnerships.

2. Affordable price office space

As a startup, your budget might not be as big as your dreams. We offer sustainable startups and NGOs affordable seats in our office spaces in Copenhagen and Aarhus. Not only do you get a seat at the office you also get to be part of a community and network of like-minded entrepreneurs.

3. Sustainable Knowledge sharing

We provide sustainable startups with a toolbox full of knowledge. Here you can find information and tools to help them navigate through life with a sustainable business. Our 37 tools are easy to implement and free for everyone to use.


Are you looking for the next place to hold your event, concert, conference, or exhibition? Then check out our cultural venue Volume by DISIE! In this unique 700m2 building, we can host up to 800 people but also have the option to close half it off and make it a more intimate space.


DISIE consists of more than 140 members and 55 organisations divided into our two offices.
The international community is built on diversity and knowledge sharing and we expect all members to engage and help make the community thrive.


DISIE runs two coworking spaces; one in Copenhagen and one in Aarhus. We offer startups working with the SDGs an opportunity to rent a seat at a low cost in an inspiring environment full of people working towards the same goal – a better future.


    upcoming EVENTS

    Upcoming EVENTs


    Open house

    28.03 at 3 PM at Grønnegade 56, 1st floor, Aarhus C

    Are you wondering if becoming a DISIE member might be something for you? Then come get a tour of our coworking space and learn more about what DISIE has to offer Tuesday the 28th of March at 3 PM.