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Bringing together the
eco-system of green entrepreneurship

DISIE GRØNT - Community for
green entrepreneurs in aarhus

DISIE GRØNT is a meeting point and community for sustainable and social impact startups in Aarhus. DISIE GRØNT hosts three types of events – DISIE GRØNT Network, DISIE GRØNT Crash Course and DISIE GRØNT Summit. 

DISIE GRØnt network

DISIE GRØNT Network is a by-invitation network for young entrepreneurs in Aarhus working to build sustainable startups. 

In DISIE GRØNT entrepreneurs are invited into facilitated networking groups, where there can spare with likeminded entrepreneurs and meet key stakeholders from the local and national Danish entrepreneurial eco-systems. 

Participation is free for entreprenuers, but binding for a full networking series, consisting of three meetings. Next series start February 2022. Interested in applying? Contact Aarhus Hub Manager, Charlotte Bay, at

DISIE GRØnt Crash course

DISIE GRØNT Crash Course offers green entrepreneurs a chance to get a basic understanding of some of the different opportunities and challenges you might encounter when building a sustainable startup.

Upcoming events will be posted on our social media 🙂 

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DISIE GRØnt Summit

DISIE GRØNT Summit is a yearly conference gathering the national eco-system for green entrepreneurs for two days of talks, debates, workshops, networking and events. 

The last DISIE GRØNT Summit was held on 22nd of September 2022


DISIE GRØNT is supported by Tuborgfondet