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thesis hub

Are you writing your master’s thesis related to sustainability and innovation?
Do you want to write in a supportive environment consisting of equally engaged and passionate peers? 

Then joining the Thesis Hub could be just right for you.

  • Get a seat at DISIEs office space in Copenhagen with 24/7 access – for free
  • Become part of a group of enthusiastic and supportive students
  • Engage with a vibrant community of sustainable impact start-ups

Why join the DISIE Thesis Hub?
Writing a master’s thesis is a great undertaking. Gaining support, relevant inputs, and feedback is key to having an enjoyable writing process and to have a satisfying thesis process.

Who can apply?
Master’s students who are about to write their final year project, who would like to be part of a thriving social and professional community within the area of sustainability, and who want to take responsibility for our student-run café together with the other Thesis Hub participants.

What we offer:

  • A beautiful open office space with dedicated seats for students at the Thesis Hub to work together and support each other.
  • A thriving community of passionate and inspiring entrepreneurs and change-makers with whom to exchange knowledge, know-how, reflections and ideas.
  • Monthly “Thursday Bar”, community breakfasts, and workspace lunches with authentically made Italian food.
  • Cosy and well-equipped common rooms including coworking facilities, a podcast recording studio, lounge areas, kitchens, dining areas, a shared courtyard and a café.

The coworking space

DISIE (Danish Institute for Sustainable Entrepreneurship) runs a coworking space for start-ups and NGOs located at Enghavevej 80C, 2450 Copenhagen, close to Enghave Plads. However, we are first and foremost a community of change-makers who root their work in conquering sustainability issues. Our three core pillars are (1) social and environmental innovation, (2) inclusion, and (3) diversity. 

Members of the DISIE community can enjoy the freedom that comes with sharing a work environment while also arranging and enjoying initiatives for the community. DISIE thrives on solidarity and every member has access to our facilities in exchange for contributing to a supportive, engaging and pleasant space. Within our walls, you find open offices, meeting rooms, kitchens, a podcast recording studio, a big shared courtyard, monthly Thursday bars, Italian work lunches, karaoke, a café run by the Thesis Hub students and big common spaces with couches and dining areas.

Contact DISIE’s Community Manager Helena at to learn more.

About Thesis Hub

DISIE Thesis Hub is a shared office space available for a small group of students who are writing their master’s thesis within the field of sustainability and innovation.

Our purpose for opening our doors to students is threefold:

  1. To allow passionate and community-minded students to advance their thesis projects by associating with and learning from entrepreneurs within their field of study.
  2. To create a bubbly and diverse atmosphere to foster creativity.
  3. To facilitate strong connections between university students and our corporate members working towards the same goals, aiming for the students to create a network for life after university.

Occupying a seat in our Thesis Hub office is free of charge. Students are however required to run our community café. Our café is the heart of our common room; it is where fresh coffee is served, music is played, and great conversations over the counter take place. It is thus a requirement that you will be able to do at least one shift per week (approx. 3 hours) at the café.

About you:
  • Your thesis topic aligns with sustainability, environmental and/or social innovation, or something related to the SDG’s.
  • You are looking forward to being part of and contributing to a supportive group of students and the DISIE community at large and you take this as a commitment (e.g., we expect students to show up most days of the week.
  • You are comfortable speaking and writing in English (a majority of the DISIE internal communication is in English, as we have many international members). Knowledge of Danish is not a requirement but a plus.
  • You are excited to dedicate time on your thesis and be a part of the DISIE community for the duration of the writing period (5-6 months).
  • You are able to spend approx. 3 hours per week running our DISIE café – this will be your responsibility in exchange for a seat in our free coworking space.

    We encourage students of all genders, sexual orientations, nationalities, and academic backgrounds to apply. At DISIE we champion an inclusive, safe, diverse, and fun community and thus invite everyone who recognizes themselves in the descriptions and qualities above to apply. 

    Application deadline: August 1st 2023


Meeting rooms & event spaces

As a member here at DISIE, you gain access to a broad network of NGOs and companies working toward the same initiatives. With a DISIE membership, you get free access to our meeting rooms, courses revolving around green entrepreneurship and access to an additional location in Aarhus where you can book any of the meeting rooms/desk facilities.


Our regularly organised events support a great social environment for the DISIE members. We provide great networking possibilities and the chance to share knowledge and ambitions with other organisations. Our membership terms guarantee that you are surrounded by like-minded ambitious green entrepreneurs ready to impact our future for the better.

Podcast ROOM

With a membership at DISIE, you gain free access to our podcast room, with a professional sound audio tech in a sound-insulated room. You’ll be able to bring your production needs to a new height.

DISIE Copenhagen is located in central Copenhagen with only a five minute walk from Carlsberg St. and a 10 minute walk from the city ring metro Enghave Plads St. both easy and accessible when commuting by public transit or bicycle.