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New Community Manager in DISIE SPACE Aarhus

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Meet August Septimius Krogh – our new Community Manager in DISIE SPACE Aarhus💡🌱🚀

“Creating a sustainable change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. It requires new innovative ways of thinking, in a world dominated by a ‘business as usual mindset.

In my work, I have seen how much value it can create for people who are working for a sustainable future, to meet and collaborate with like-minded people. People that are open to doing things differently and challenge the current paradigms.

With the new DISIE SPACE in Aarhus, we get more than a co-working space. In the new DISIE SPACE, impact entrepreneurs will also get a pat on the back, a helping hand, good advice, sparring, networking, or (soon) a hug when things are difficult. As an entrepreneur myself, having a community of like-minded people around me, is a game-changer. I hope to be able to create a close and strong community where we can grow both as people, as agents of change, and as entrepreneurs.”💡🌱🌿

We also want to thank our incredible partners
PensionDanmark & Trælasten .

Find more information on DISIE and the application for a spot here 👇

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