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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Elin – Norm

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Elin Ferm (she/her)


Anthropologist & Co-founder

3 Key Competencies

1. Asking pertinent questions to make the invisible visible (mapping challenges)

2. Facilitating collaborative processes in a way that engages everyone in the room (co-creating solutions)

3. Making complex theory understandable and practically applicable

NORM’s mission and vision:

NORM’s mission is to contribute to a more equal, diverse and inclusive future by helping organizations develop the skills and tools they need to work proactively and strategically to create lasting change 🏳️‍🌈.

How did DISIE help you as an Entrepreneur?

By providing an affordable office and a platform to meet likeminded start-ups.💸

What’s your tip for future impact entrepreneur’s to get started? 

Make sure to also create a sustainable worklife for yourself ⚖️, even as you are starting up. For example: question the idea that a devoted start-up person is ‘supposed’ to work 60+ hours a week – it’s not sustainable. And remember to celebrate the big and small successes along the way!

What are your next Milestones?

To celebrate NORM’s 3 rd birthday! (6th of January 2023)

Another milestone we are looking forward to – but further along the line – is growing the team with our first hire 🙂

What’s your favorite thing about DISIE?

That they for more than 10 years have been a great support for start-ups trying to push sustainable change

Fun fact about you?

Being from Sweden 🇸🇪, I was initially nervous that my Danish would not be good enough for public speaking – so the first time I held a presentation in front of 100 people in Danish and got great feedback, I was very happy 😊.