Anne-Sophie Vinther

Senior Business Developer at Mærsk Supply Service

I have over 10 years of experience developing SMEs targeted at reaching major international markets. A great part of this work has included both financial and technical reviews, sector analyses, mapping of external and internal environments, stakeholder management and funding for startups.

My motivation derives from a wish to improve both society and environment through the implementation of new business models, especially those concerning the use of new technologies or usage of existing ones for new purposes.

Denmark has arrived to the field of entrepreneurship rather late. There is an obvious need for knowledge sharing, development and support. In particular for the unconventional startups entering the field, who are beyond constructing consumer apps in their parents’ basement. KPH is an exemplary organisation with a substantial culture and all-round knowledge. KPH’s unique skills differentiates them from the conventional incubator and accelerator environments, which eventually will help Denmark reach our objectives of both climate-related and entrepreneurial issues.