Søren Mølstrøm

Story-teller, musician and art intermediary at Kunst ud til Folket

I develop and perform concepts that pull the high culture down to earth. At Kunst ud til Folket we make statues talk, sing songs about paintings from the golden age and tell children tales about art.

I’m representing the residents on the 3rd floor at KPH because I believe that the co-operation and cohesion between the smaller and larger businesses in the house is crucial for the future of KPH. KPH are contributing with an innovative perspective on the entrepreneurial culture through encouraging co-operation across areas of expertise, resulting in a greater gain for all the entrepreneurs at KPH. I myself have experienced the need for including my artistic work in a social context in order to move ahead. Essentially we need to come up with the ideal answers to the problems of the future, which will only be possible if we, the entrepreneurs, are working in an interdisciplinary manner. KPH is the right place for this.