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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Manu – Babele

Emanuele Musa (Manu)


Co-Founder & CEO

3 Key Competencies
Social Business modelling, Lean Startup, Startups Acceleration

Babele’s mission and vision:

“We aim to introduce a new paradigm in the way projects are shaped and managed based on open source collaboration that aims to engage local communities and individuals in the design and implementation of sustainable development projects.”

What’s your favorite thing(s) about DISIE?

The community

“Cooking at Disie allowed me to meet much many more people that I would have hoped for”

Manu is our fantastic cook at Sexy Italian Lunch events 🍝 (usually every second Wednesday) and shares his italian cuisine expertise and enthuiasm with the community 

How did DISIE help you as an Entrepreneur?

They invited me as speaker at a social innovation conference


What’s your tip for future impact entrepreneur’s to get started? 

Join forces with like-minded and mission-driven people… don’t reinvent the wheel. 🌐

Do you have a success moment/ story you would like to share?

We were recently selected as official supplier of UNDP across 170 country offices! 🤩

What are your next Milestones?

Find social and impact innovation partners in Denmark 🇩🇰.