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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Marie-Louise – Tænketank FREJ

Marie-Louise Boisen Lendal (she/her)



Tænketank FREJ’s mission and vision:

We work to create a more sustainable food market through collaboration and dialogue between food producers and the young generation of sustainability.

3 Key Competencies

1. Knowledge of sustainability strategies – and how to become a purpose-driven business

2. Organisational structure and development

3. Political understanding

How did DISIE help you as an Entrepreneur?

Extremely important in terms of low rent and the possibility for our volunteers to meet in the L room.

Do you have a success moment/ story you would like to share?

There are a lot of good experiences in developing Frej. The good thing about starting from 0 is that every year gets better and wilder. The latest is ,that we are now 16 employees in the office. That’s pretty damn wild when you started it up voluntarily. 

What’s your tip for future impact entrepreneur’s to get started? 

GET STARTED. If you have a concrete vision – a problem you want to change, just start and then develop it continuously. Don’t sit down and make big plans – just get started.

What is your next Milestone?

Getting two big million-DKK grants from foundations to develop our projects even further.

What’s your favorite thing about DISIE?

Relaxed atmosphere, exciting companies and organisations, large and good common room and always the possibility to book meeting rooms.

Fun fact about yourself, DISIE or your Start-Up?

FREJ is often shouted at for being too farmer-friendly. We are just as often accused of being too green. We probably place ourselves somewhere in the middle 😊 

 What’s your motivation ?

Creating sustainable change and bringing diversity together. 

What’s your sustainability hack? 

As a company: talk about your biggest weakness/stress of the planet out loud. Set concrete goals to change it so you no longer harm the planet. 

As a citizen: tell us out loud where your habits pollute/damage the planet the most – is it your clothing consumption, your diesel consumption, your gas boiler, your meat consumption or something else? And set targets to reduce it.