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NEW DISIE Thesis Hub!


We are excited to launch the new DISIE Thesis Hub this fall, for graduates writing thesis within the SDG’s. The hub offers 10 FREE seats due to the generous sponsorship by Otto Mønsteds Fond.

So, are you about to write your thesis within the SDG’s this fall? Do you want to…

  • Join a group of equally ambitious and supportive students?
  • Engage with a vibrant community of impact startups?
  • Receive extra academic tutoring and personal mentoring?
  • Get a dedicated workspace with 24/7 access in Copenhagen for free?


Why – The final year project should be the most fun and meaningful time as a student and act as a springboard for a successful career

Who – Master’s and exceptional bachelor’s students about to write their final year projects

What – Joining a group of ambitious and supportive students and becoming a part of a vibrant community of impactful startups. Getting a dedicated workspace, extra tutoring, participating in workshops and a hands-on experience becoming an entrepreneur


DISIE Thesis Hub will connect master/graduate thesis students from different universities with the NGO’s and startup’s developing and growing their sustainable and/or social impact startup at DISIE. We plan to engage the entire DISIE community and include students in relevant events and campaigns to give the students the opportunity to build a network and take a peek into being an impact startup. We aim at recruiting 10 ambitious master students from different Danish universities, for the period of time they spend writing their master thesis (5-6 month).


About you:

  • You are writing a project on SD/SDG aligned topic
  • You are striving at delivering an exceptional thesis but need the right environment to achieve it
  • You are willing to be part of a supportive group and the DISIE community at large and take this is as a commitment (e.g. we expect students to show up most days of the week)
  • You are willing to contribute to the programme and the community
  • You consider yourself as a changemaker
  • You are comfortable working in English with the group and community, but master’s thesis could be written in Danish


Read more & apply:

Programme start: 1 September 2021

Deadline for application: 15 August 2021



DISIE Thesis Hub Manager Petar Sofev at 

COO Vibe Lindgård Bach at