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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Rebecca & Wondim – Early Care

Rebecca Engberg-Brixen (she/her)


Co-founder & Program Manager

Wondim Belachew Bezie (he/him)


Co-founder & Director

3 Key Competencies

1) Collaboration

2) Project management

3) Understanding of the local context

Early Care’s mission and vision:

Vision: We see a world where children and youth have all their needs met to achieve their full human potential.

Mission: We assist children and youth in getting the necessary services such as healthcare, education, food, safety, security and employment to achieve their full human potential. 

How did DISIE help you as an Entrepreneur?

DISIE allows us to seek sparring and collaboration with other entrepreneurs.

Do you have a success moment/ story you would like to share?

When we implemented our first project in Ethiopia, we underlined to our local partner that although we provide some finance to this project, we see ourselves as equal partners having the same mission – making a sustainable change in the lives of Ethiopian children and youth. Communicating openly about our mission created a change in the power balance – from our partners viewing us as the donor, we were viewed as equal partners with a shared mission. This, in turn, made our partner take ownership of the project. 🤝🏽

What’s your tip for future impact entrepreneur’s to get started? 

There are many ways of being an entrepreneur. Most importantly it is essential to have a good network and preferably someone who can be a co-founder of the startup. 🧑🏾‍🤝‍🧑🏿

What is your next Milestone?

We want to expand our presence to implement projects in Denmark and other parts of the EU while also being active in the global south. 🌍

What’s your favorite thing about DISIE?

1) Sense of community

2) Friday bar and social gatherings 🍻

3) The openness and spontaneous inputs from kind DISIE members that we meet in the kitchen ☕

Fun fact about yourself, DISIE or your Start-Up?

In the first many months, we would always ensure that we were not the first ones to arrive and the last ones to leave DISIE so that we did not have to turn off and on the alarm. 🚨

 What’s your motivation (quote)?

“Believe in your ability to succeed. There are often possibilities even though they may not be obvious”.

What’s your sustainability hack? 

We always ensure that our projects originate from the needs identified by our collaborative partners, whether in Denmark, Ethiopia or other countries in the world. This way, we sincerely believe that our partners take full ownership of the projects and the interventions have a high chance of continuing to live even if the formal completion of the project.