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OPEN for new intakes - Start Februrary 7th. 2022!

Are you about to write your thesis within the SDG's ?


  • Join a group of equally ambitious and supportive students?
  • Engage with a vibrant community of impact startups?
  • Receive extra academic tutoring and personal mentoring?
  • Get a dedicated workspace with 24/7 access – for free?

Then you or your group are welcome to apply for one of the 10 seats available at DISIE Thesis Hub in Copenhagen.

Why – The final year project should be the most fun and meaningful time as a student and act as a springboard for a successful career

Who – Master’s and exceptional bachelor’s students about to write their final year projects

What – Joining a group of ambitious and supportive students and becoming a part of a vibrant community of impactful startups. Getting a dedicated workspace, extra tutoring, participating in workshops and a hands-on experience becoming an entrepreneur

DISIE Thesis Hub will connect master thesis students from different universities with the NGO’s and startup’s developing and growing their sustainable and/or social impact startup at DISIE. We plan to engage the entire DISIE community and include students in relevant events and campaigns to give the students the opportunity to build a network and take a peek into being an impact startup. We aim at recruiting 10 ambitious master students from different Danish universities, for the period of time they spend writing their master thesis (5-6 month).

About you:

  • You are writing a project on SD/SDG aligned topic
  • You are striving at delivering an exceptional thesis but need the right environment to achieve it
  • You are willing to be part of a supportive group and the DISIE community at large and take this is as a commitment (e.g. we expect students to show up most days of the week)
  • You are willing to contribute to the programme and the community
  • You are willing to take some shifts, around 4-6 hours per week, serving coffee for our members
  • You are comfortable working in English with the group and community, but master’s thesis could be written in Danish
Social innovation

About your possibilities 

Some examples of the possibilities included in the programme: 

  • Bi-weekly meetings with DISIE’s tutor 
  • Dedicated hours with DISIE’s tutor 
  • Brainstorming Sessions together with other students
  • Workshops together with entrepreneurs and other networks
  • And most important: we encourage and are open to any other activities you want to participate in or organise while at DISIE. 

What we are looking for:

We will prioritize students both alone or in groups that have chosen to write their final year project within the framework of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This will fit into the purpose of DISIE and allow participants to brainstorm and cross-pollinate, to exchange ideas and support each other in writing their project – just as it will potentially create relevant insights for the entrepreneurs working on their sustainable/social impact startup at DISIE. We also strongly believe that by setting this criterion we will recruit students that share the same vision for contributing to society, which is also in line with DISIE’s mission.

Application round is open for startup February 7th. 2022

Contact: If you have any questions that go beyond those answered here, feel free to contact the DISIE Thesis Hub Manager Petar Sofev at ps@disie.dk or COO Vibe Lindgård Bach at vlb@disie.dk. If you are already in Copenhagen, you are also more than welcome to stop by and say hi (just give us a heads up, so we can dedicate some time).

Q&A about DISIE Thesis Hub

The DISIE Thesis Hub is targeted towards ambitious master’s students but we are also happy to accept extraordinary bachelor’s students. If you consider yourself to be one or the other, we will be happy to receive your application.

You should be comfortable having English as the main language for common activities but you could be writing your final year project in any language.

The programme is completely free for students as the associated costs are kindly covered by Otto Mønsted Fonden and DISIE.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Thesis HUB is that you become part of a vibrant community of impact startups, whom we are sure you already have a lot in common with. Being under one roof you can exchange ideas, explore possible collaborations (e.g. internships) and support each other in tackling the many sustainability challenges.

Some examples of the possibilities included in the programme: 

Bi-weekly meetings with DISIE’s tutor – the purpose of these meetings is to provide a supportive framework and ensure that students are keeping good progress.

Dedicated hours with DISIE’s tutor – students will have access to immediate reply from the tutor in a dedicated time slot two times a week. This will allow students to get quick one-on-one help.

Brainstorming Sessions – each student will be able to share their research, discuss the topic they are working on and get immediate feedback from the group. Since students are working on diverse projects but have an overarching SDG framework, you will be able to benefit from each others’ knowledge and cross-pollinate. 

Workshops together with entrepreneurs and other networks – as part of the programme, students will benefit from participating in different workshops, either tailormade for master thesis students or open for the whole DISIE community. Workshops will always be open to researchers, entrepreneurs and other relevant representatives from DISIE’s broad network covering both private and public sectors. 

And most important: we encourage and are open to any other activities you want to participate in or organise while at DISIE. Do you want to go on a company visit, invite someone for a workshop, attend an event as a group, or anything else – feel free to suggest it and we will try to facilitate it.

The DISIE Thesis Hub will be managed by a dedicated tutor, who will together with you develop a programme that will support you in your thesis writing process and complement the support that you are already getting from your university. Expect to receive practical guidance on how to manage your project, help with methodology, academic writing, obtaining primary data, etc. You can also expect to get feedback on your writing and also input and feedback on your oral defense presentation. Think of the mentor as someone who will support you, challenge you and most of all be beside you during this exciting journey.

We have done our best to make the DISIE office accessible for people with mobility restrictions. You can access the Thesis Hub workspace via an elevator (but might need help opening a non-sliding door). We also have step free access to toilet facilities. Also, there is disabled parking spot downstairs. It would probably be best if you can come to visit us and see if you will feel comfortable with the setting.

There is a coffee shop at DISIE – which along with our large kitchen and common areas – are bringing the community together. It has been a long-standing tradition that students at DISIE manage and run the cafe (of course only after a barista-course and with help from the sectaratiet when needed). Most of our previous students have shared with us that running the cafe has given them an opportunity to get to know others (startups) at DISIE and has been the place where they have gotten some of their most brilliant ideas. We are still unsure if this is as a direct result of having access to unlimited amounts of coffee.

You should expect a weekly shift of four-six hours on weekdays within normal office hours (9-16). We will arrange for you to have a café-buddy and the two of you will decide who takes the early/late hours – or if you do them all together.

Yes, at the end of the programme you will get a certificate of your participation that you can include for example in your CV, LinkedIn, etc. Each certificate will also come with a short note from the tutor, reflecting on the qualities that you have demonstrated during the programme.

You will be in a shared room with other students, but you can have your own desk. We have dedicated an entire large room for the Thesis Hub. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable and stay productive during your time at DISIE so we have left the finishing touches for you to decide upon as a group. Have a favourite chair or a plant that stimulates your creativity – you are more than welcome to bring it. The room also comes with several large monitors you can use, and brand new whiteboard walls to put all your ideas on.

You will have access to all the facilities that DISIE offers to its members (meeting rooms, relaxation and quite areas, two kitchens with all the necessities for preparing a quick bite or a three course menu, and a cafe place which is managed and run by the students)

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