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DISIE offers knowledge, networks, events, services, and tools that support you in developing and growing your startup – from concept to market.

let us help you help the world

DISIE is a meeting point and community for sustainable and social impact startups. Our co-working spaces promote the conditions for entrepreneurs to accelerate their businesses, unleash their talent and create the greatest possible impact. We have physical addresses in Copenhagen and Aarhus. 

Both as a physical and digital member, your startup becomes part of a focused work environment, with a unique synergy and strong commonalities with the other startups and NGOs. At DISIE, we all strive for a common goal of contributing to the green transition and a more sustainable world.


Throughout 12 years, DISIE has built up a strong national network, both private and public, across all sectors. Based on an initial needs assessment and ad hoc sparring, we put you in touch with relevant members and actors in our network …

… and thus open doors where there is a need, e.g. concerning sector, market, stage of development or other concrete tracks. We advise mature entrepreneurs on scaling the impact they create. We organize individual as well as joint sparring sessions, all based on the individual startup’s current needs, to ensure maximum value.

We offer a present and committed co-working community to which the members have a strong affiliation. Here you are surrounded by people who understand your approach to business, and where passionate entrepreneurs have ample opportunity to spar and be inspired across sustainable initiatives. We get to know each other, including at our monthly Community Breakfasts.


It is a central part of DISIE’s DNA to be a value-creating lever for sustainable and social impact startups. We achieve this goal by making our analysis tool INNOMAP available to members. INNOMAP makes it possible to concretise and clarify the impact …

… your business creates within three main areas: People, Planet and Society. INNOMAP adds value to your business through impact measurement, and the ability to communicate your impact based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Scaling your impact and business further through our annual Days of Impact event. The all-day event aims to ensure that impact startups, NGOs, companies, investors and foundations can benefit from each other. Together, the biggest current challenges are addressed and solutions and support structures are jointly developed. We ensure the realization of these through the follow-up Days of Action events. Furthermore, DISIE hosts events such as Impact Talks and Best Practice Podcasts which are initiatives full of inspiration, knowledge and experience exchange. As a member, you also get access to a method and tool file, where DISIE ensures you free and easy access to a wide variety of resources that can contribute to development.


DISIE has a wide range of collaboration agreements that can help you get attention from or be put in touch with relevant investors and partners who reason with your values ​​and needs. In addition, we have a large Alumni network of experienced startups …

… where we recommend the establishment of mentoring schemes. We facilitate access to relevant actors in the ecosystem, who can support the establishment of meaningful partnerships, ensure access to necessary knowledge and skills, and contribute to accelerating your business development through in-depth investor sparring, among other thing.

Our circle of partners involves, among many, Kooperationen, which are experts in advising cooperative and socio-economic companies. They offer sparring and advice on law, employment legislation, registration of socio-economic activity, etc. We also have a strong partnership with CVX Venture Capital which offers free sparring on Advisory Boards and boards, investor sparring for growth companies, in-depth sparring with their leading Venture Managers at eye level concerning development stage and financing needs. In addition, we work closely with various early-stage investors, including Rocktstart, and Antler.co. As a member of DISIE, you are put in touch with key players who support your development.


DISIE’s three workspaces hold more than 100 seats, which are distributed in Copenhagen and Aarhus, respectively. Here, as a member, you get free access to our meeting rooms on all locations, and membership prices for renting our event and workshop facilities

… DISIE’s sustainable venue, Volume, is connected to our location in Copenhagen. With its 700 sqm, Volume can accommodate events of all sizes. When you use Volume for your events, you always support DISIE’s mission to unleash the potential for sustainable entrepreneurship in Denmark and can be used as communication that strengthens the branding of your impact startup.

We also offer access to our podcast- and live streaming studio which make it possible for you to make presentations and content.


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We’ve sat down with the Climate Heroes to understand what drives them and what made them choose the entrepreneurial way. The Climate Heroes urge everyone with a good idea to try it out, and hope that by sharing their story they can lead the way for more entrepreneurs in Denmark.

  • Hear the personal stories from the five Climate Heroes
  • Learn what works and doesn’t work in a start-up
  • Get a better understanding of how sustainability also equals a good business


CHESS – Creative Intrapreneurship Empowerment Skills aims at providing an integrated support, tailored to the needs and specificities of young people in the age group 20-29 from the creative industries, who either already possess working experience (currently employed or not), or have never been employed (job-seekers and discouraged individuals), through development and validation of innovative integrated training tools and material in order to: increase their motivation and self-awareness; create incentives for acquiring new intrapreneurship-related skills; promote their efficient and sustainable integration into employment and society.

The project (CHESS – 2019-2-DK01-KA205-060316) has been funded with support from the European Commission, Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic Partnership for YOUTH. This material reflects the views of the author – the CHESS consortium – and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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